Hi, I’m Lauri

I’m a Commercial Photographer in Winchester, VA and I make the Ordinary Appear Extraordinary!

Located in the heart of Winchester, VA’s downtown walking mall, Bridgeforth Photographics and Lauri Bridgeforth create beautiful imagery from Portrait Photography to Commercial Photography, Photo Restoration and Drone Photography. It takes an artist’s eye to see beauty in the everyday, uniqueness in the smallest detail, individuality in every portrait and grace in commercial terms. For more than three decades, Lauri Bridgeforth has been shooting dynamic imagery for both professional and personal clients, making the ordinary appear extraordinary. Thank you for visiting!  All imagery (c) Lauri M. Bridgeforth/Bridgeforth Photographics, Inc. All rights reserved.

What my clients say….



Are you the best at what you do?  (Say it with me folks…”yes”…)  Then put that phone camera down and let me show your clients that you’re the best!   I help busy marketing executives with a striking first impression to their clients.  Dynamic, professional photography reinforces your corporate message, so your business doesn’t look outdated, or amateurish, to the public.

Drone and Aerial

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, drones have their uses.  (They’re kinda fun too…)  Talk about seeing the world differently! They can go in some cool places while I’m just over here on the ground with the controller and my software with my FAA license in my back pocket.  (No more nausea from being in a small plane with wind currents either. True story. Don’t ask.)

Photo Restoration

While I love shooting commercial jobs and portraits, it’s the restoration work that hands-down comes in with the best stories.  It’s an honor to work on a veteran’s antique imagery from their military days. A tattered, wallet-size picture of faces from the past evolves into a treasured keepsake. Each one is unique—it’s fun to give them new life.


I see the world differently.  Sometimes (ok a lot of times) it’s funny. It can also be creative, colorful, geometric and even flat-out breathtaking. Since earning my camera badge in Girl Scouts (thanks Dad…), I’ve loved framing the world through a lens.  I admit I used to be a bit snooty about phone cameras, until my daughter taught me to use Instagram. Who knew a whole new (and relatively instantaneous) creative outlet lived right there in my phone??


Oyyyyyyyy the dreaded head shot because your boss has asked for the 82nd time and you’d rather go to the dentist right??  I know. It’s ok.  We’ll keep it short and make it fun.  There’s how others perceive us, and how we perceive ourselves, and there’s usually a big difference. No stress here–whatever bothers you about how you look, I can most likely disguise it.


Family.  The people that we love, support, build up, and inspire the most.  (Well…most days that is…) They get all the inside jokes and keep your best secrets. Let’s face it, some days it’s a love-hate relationship, and yet we would do anything for them in a pinch. A family portrait doesn’t have to be stuffy—in fact, the more fun the better!  Bring the pets too…

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