Why Amateur Photography Hurts Your Business

Your professional image is on the line here.  Your website is what your clients and potential clients see first, how they perceive you, and whether or not they will use or refer you. Are you willing to risk all of it with a mere smartphone, or in some cases, a not-so-smartphone?  As a professional photographer, with over 30 years in the imaging business, my smartphone rarely leaves my pocket during a professional photo shoot.  I ensure that I create the most amazing  images  possible to capture the best of your business and set you apart from your competition.

Let’s start with head shots. It is a small investment that can pay huge dividends in a professional arena, because you’ll look your best to your potential clients.  Are you using a “selfie” on a professional networking site? (Would you admit it if you do?) You can only get the camera as far away as the length of your arm. Since most camera apps are equipped with wide-angle lenses, this is NOT flattering for most of us because they actually make our faces look wider than they really are!  Think about that the next time you upload a “selfie” to a professional networking website.  Professional photographers use appropriate equipment, lighting, composition, and retouching to make you look your very best.

Now let’s look at the Real Estate Industry and how this can impact your sales.  Smartphones have come a long way, however they can’t compare to a professional setup, with proper lighting and equipment.  Professional Photos make your listing stand out, they grab the attention of your audience.  You have less than 20 seconds to make an impression on a buyer online, you need to make sure you are putting your best foot forward.  Professional Photographers know how to photograph a room so that it looks inviting and beautiful, they have tools available to them that help them capture the essesnce of the room that are not available with your smartphone. Professionaly photographed listings generate more interest, showings, and sell sooner, rather than later based on national studies that have been completed. Now that’s money in your pocket, because you worked with a professional photographer.

How can professional photos take your manufacturing or industrial business to the next level you ask?  I have no idea how to use water jets to cut metal.  No clue about how to build a facility with tiltwall technology either, but I sure can make it look really cool to your clients.  With lighting skills and Photoshop magic, I can absolutely make it look like the most amazing thing your clients have ever seen, and you will be seen as a rock star.  I make sure that I know what is important to you and understand who your audience is.  Once I know that, I create imagery showing how your business works and (boom) you’re set apart from your competition.

My “tagline” for my studio is “Making the Ordinary Appear Extraordinary”, because that’s what I do.  Think about your company’s professional image, and use a professional photographer to illustrate it.  Put your phone back in your pocket and leave your imaging needs to professional photographers. You are worth the investment, and your clients will think so too.

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