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How can hiring a Professional Photographer benefit my Manufacturing Company?

I help business owners and marketing personnel tell their company’s story to their clients. Every day, you’re trying to sell yourself and professional imagery is one of the best ways to do that.  You may think that your business isn’t going to appeal to the public, however I am here

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Why Amateur Photography Hurts Your Business

Your professional image is on the line here.  Your website is what your clients and potential clients see first, how they perceive you, and whether or not they will use or refer you. Are you willing to risk all of it with a mere smartphone, or in some cases, a

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Things to Ask Before Hiring a Drone Photographer

Not all Drones are created equal, nor are drone operators!  Are you looking to capture some awesome footage of from above?  With so many drone pilots in the photography space, there’s no shortage of gorgeous overhead shots. What was once a luxury for big-budget productions is now within reach for

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Caring for your Photographs

There are a few basics on how to properly store and mount photographs that you should know.  Photos are very fragile, especially as they age and you want to take care of them on the front end of their existence to ensure they last the test of time.  As photographs

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Perceptions About Professional Photography

 How Much Too Much Is It?  How do you want your business to be perceived by potential new clients? What do you plan on spending to make your business image look its very best? Think about it—in a perfect world, what would be the FIRST thought you want potential clients

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Secrets to Saving Flood Damaged Photos

Secrets to Saving Flood Damaged Photos With all the recent flooding across the US due to tremendous amounts of rain, I decided it was a good time to put together some information about saving your memories from water damage. When floods and fires hit, people don’t grieve losing a bed

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