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Our Services



Everybody says it right? But seriously, why would I want my customers to NOT be pleased? Word of mouth and reputation are everything in the business world, so of course I’m going to stand on my head to make sure you’re happy with your final product.  If I happen to miss something you want taken care of, just ask. I’ll tend to it for you.  If you’re looking through your image files and I’ve missed the mark, let me know and I’ll reshoot it. (Can I be honest here? This doesn’t happen very often, because you and I will have talked about your shoot and planned what we’re doing ahead of time.)


How I Work

My clients receive individualized attention, so studio hours are by appointment only. No one wants to arrive to a locked door, so please call or email me to chat about your job, whether it’s a portrait, a restoration, or commercial work. And about my printing…my professional printing is done in-house, because yes, I’m that picky about my work. I use very high quality professional paper, and my ink cartridges for my printer aren’t sold at local box stores. I’ve been churning out the highest quality I can for decades now and will continue to do so, because I’m persnickety about what leaves the studio with my name on it. You’re paying me to make you or your business look your best, so why would I shortchange us all by using mediocre materials? If I’m handling your antique family images for restoration, rest-assured they will not leave here until you pick them up—all work is done in the studio.



You will find a lot of imagery and information on my website (thank you for visiting too…) What you won’t find, however, is a price list. Anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll know the price of your job when we plan out the work, but individualized attention means individualized pricing, based on YOUR needs, not some convoluted scale of averages. I stand behind my pricing too—if I’ve given you a price, that’s the price, even if it takes me a little longer than I’ve estimated. (That said, if you change something mid-stream, it may change the price but we’ll talk about it when you change it.)


All session fees for weekend sessions must be prepaid to book your session. Your prepaid fee will be refundable up to 48 hours in advance, but after that point it’s non-refundable. Need to reschedule? Not a problem at all—all I ask is please let me know.

All of our portrait pricing includes retouching. (Pricing isn’t on this site but if you send an email or call, we are happy to give you costs so you can plan a budget.) All prints are digitally produced and available as full color, black and white, or sepia tones in a variety of presentations. They are printed on very high-quality paper using the best inks available. Our usual production time is around three weeks but may be slightly longer for additional services. Payment in full for portraits and all artwork/decor is expected at the time your order is placed. Changes in quantities or sizing once your order is in production will involve a surcharge if we’ve already started production.

Do you see a piece of art on my site that just needs to be on your walls? Contact me with measurements and I’ll create your piece specifically sized for where you’re hanging it. (Another reason I don’t have pricing on my site—I’d rather chat or correspond with you and see what you’re looking for specifically, and then give you pricing.)

Copyright laws strictly forbid unauthorized reproduction of any professional image, therefore any additional print orders must be placed through the studio. (And really…after hiring me to do your work, why compromise the quality? That’s like tripping over a dollar to save a dime…)

We thank you—not only for your business, but also for your respect and cooperation with studio policies.

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