Portraits and Family Photos


Portraits and Family Photography

 From meticulously organized group photos to candid shots that demonstrate the instincts of art, Lauri Bridgeforth transforms your family’s narrative in portraiture to create immediate heirlooms. Her imagery celebrates the exuberance of childhood, the tug between siblings, the pride of grandparents and the patience of an expectant mother. Your photographs will preserve the timelessness of multiple generations, the fun of a young family at play, the solemnity of lifetimes lived.  Your family portraits may also include the spark in a pet’s expression, or created at the location of significant moments lived. Her portraits are a one-of-a-kind piece of art, created specifically for your personal spaces.

   The experience of Bridgeforth Photographics transforms senior school portraits to individualized pieces of art, and your corporate portraits and professional headshots are made equally unique. Lauri Bridgeforth understands that sitting for a portrait may feel awkward. Her professionalism and personality allow the experience to become painless, even enjoyable. Your portrait or headshot will benefit from the relaxed environment, as you become comfortable and your personality emerges. Professional photography creates an impression beyond the immediacy of a snapshot. On a social networking or website, it is how the public interacts with you. On a business card, it is how you are remembered.

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