The Importance of Composition

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The composition of a photo is the construct of what you are trying to present or convey to its viewer. How the pieces of the picture are arranged is almost as important as what you are trying to capture. The angle, the lighting, how the pictures elements are drawn together.

Elements of composition – are simply stated: shapes, lines, and points. That would consist of everything in your photograph. That does not mean that these things are simple, there are many times in fact, when these elements are complex.

What’s the intention?

When you are taking a photograph, the reason should be intentional. Everything in the photo should have a purpose, even if that purpose is to be faded out in background, or space devoid of any subjects.

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Keep it simple

Simplicity when it comes to photograph means that there is nothing in the shot that will take away from the message you are trying to send with it. If you are trying to send multiple messages, that should be your intent.

simplicity of composition

Negative, positive, and breathing space

Space is the whole of the composition; it’s just how the space is used. Breathing space is required for most successful shots, less overcrowding equals less interference and competition in your photo, unless that’s what you’re looking for.

Positive space is anything in the picture that stands out with an intense, high frequency energy.

Negative space is the opposite, anything that fades into the background. Creating a feeling of minimalism or isolation.

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Find balance

In photography, you have the option to capture balanced photos or imbalanced photos. One isn’t better than the other – they both send a message and convey a feeling. A balanced photo is serene, static, and calm, while an imbalanced photo is dramatic, edgy, and dynamic

Balanced Photo

Patterns and relationships – Relational

Using color, patterns, and different subjects in your photograph, you can create a relationship that ties them all together. This creates much more than a simple composition, it’s a complex scene that can be found by an advanced photographer.

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All of these pieces come together to form a beautiful, well thought out photo that started with a simple idea. The composition of the final product is one that should be well thought out from the start.