Perceptions About Professional Photography – It’s Too Expensive

I’ve been in business for over 30 years and this is something I hear all the time. Using a professional photographer cost too much.  Have you ever used a professional photographer? No, they answer. If you have never hired a photographer, then how do you know the cost? Cost is a perception, that is different to many people. You are paying for a service, and the value of that service is up to the buyer, the value to each buyer is different. Also, the end product is different as well. The product that is put out will vary depending on the prices that are being charged.

Is a Professional Photographer Expensive - Professional Photography Studio

Think about it this way. There are many places you can but a cup of coffee. You can go to the corner gas station and buy a cup of coffee for $0.99 or you can go to a specialty coffee shop and buy a cup of coffee for $5.99. It’s a cup of coffee, right? To different people there is a different perception of value to each cup of coffee and the worth of each cup is different to them. Some people will spend more for the specialty coffee because that is their preference, they are getting a higher end coffee. That is the same thing when it comes to photographers, there are photographers on each end of the spectrum. You must choose the one who suits the value of what you are looking for. It comes down to what type of end look do you want. How much time and effort do you want put into shooting the photos, editing them and making them exactly what you want? That is what you are paying for, the photographers’ skills.

Photographers come with different skill sets, some can point and shoot, some can see things from different angles and perspectives and capture the perfect image. Others can then take it to the next level, they can edit and make the ordinary appear extraordinary. Your photos will have that magic, that special something that you didn’t think was possible to capture. They take your breath away and make your memories, that much more memorable. Or your image that much more special and stand out from the crowd around them.

The next time you think that a photographer charges too much, look at the quality of their work and decide if they take you on a trip and mesmerize you with their images. If they do, they are not too expensive, they have proved their value and you are their ideal client.