Is Your Photo Stuck to the Picture Frame Glass?

This is actually a very common thing. Firstly, if you have a picture that is stuck to glass, DO NOT DO ANYTHING. Don’t stretch it, don’t pull on it, don’t tease it, don’t try to take it off, don’t try to do anything. Especially, don’t make fun of it. You might hurt it’s feelings.  😉

If you have a photograph that is stuck to glass, DON’T PANIC, and most importantly don’t just start peeling it off! Printed photographs require a lot more upkeep than your usual digital pictures do. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have printed photos around your house or business, it just means that you have to care for them a little differently. We all have old photographs around the house – a loved one who has passed on, memories from our childhood, or of our children, so many different reasons. The thing is we all have them. Sometimes they are in boxes in the basement or plastic tubs in the garage, it really doesn’t matter where they have been. What matters is that if you have an issue with one being stuck to the glass of the frame, I can help you fix it and preserve that memory.

Now this is a fairly common issue, so you will find many DIY remedies and tricks to try and rectify this. However, if you want to salvage your picture, your best bet is not touch it, don’t try to fix it, and give me a call. I can work wonders with your photos. I have the ability and know how when it comes to recreating that photo memory so you and your family can continue to cherish if for many years to come.

What Causes the Photograph and Glass To Stick Together?

Humidity is usually the culprit and the reason why pictures stick to glass. If your picture is placed in a frame that has no space between the glass and the picture (even just a tiny bit), this will cause the picture to stick to the glass at some point. This is an especially common occurrence with glossy images. The emulsion that creates all that “shine” on the photo simply turns into a glue-like mess when heat and humidity are present for a long period of time.

How Can I Prevent This from Happening?

For printed photographs, the best thing you can do is use an acid-free mat to create space between your picture and the glass. This is the simplest and best prevention.

I have had the pleasure of saving many memories over my years as a photo restoration specialist. It brings me great pleasure to take your bad photo, recreate it, and see the joy on your face when it is whole again. 

Remember, there are always options to save your stuck photo. Don’t throw it away.  Give me a call.