New to photography? Take lots of pictures, experiment!

When people want to become photographers, they may have set expectations way to high. Just in looking for a professional camera, you can become overwhelmed with the options and settings, alone. But the beauty you see in most artful shots, is not from knowing all of the perfect adjustments on your camera, it’s from practicing and tapping into your creativity.

Taking lots of pictures will fill your queue with an endless supply of beautiful mistakes and some lessons learned from the not so hot shots. There will definitely be a plethora of pictures you want to just delete from your gallery but scan wisely. You may catch a ray of light bending at the perfect angle, a seemingly shallow angle that proves an unintended outcome of success.

New To Photography

Taking photos in different settings, different times of day, standing from different heights and angles could give just the right perspective. Be open to the alternative and to learn from trying something outside of your comfort zone or outside of the box. Try different types of photography, you may have a skillset that has been unrealized; don’t get stuck on one theme or aperture.

Don’t just take 1,000 photos to get those crisp, perfect shots, and take them carelessly without truth or purpose. When you truly care for what you are trying to create, you must use your vision, emotion, and the present moment. Take it with care and in a way that will convey your message, to be received and translated to the mind of another to be truly seen.