Popular Types of Product Photography

White Background
Products in white background shots are typical for sales in retail markets, where the focus is on the one object with no distractions. It gives the product the appearance of floating seamlessly on the white background, if that’s your angle. This method is used more frequently in online platforms.

Product to Scale Shots
If a primary way to help sell a product is in showing the size of it in comparison to a relative subject, then product to scale shots are necessary. A purse on a lady’s shoulder is simple, but helps the consumer visualize wearing the purse, and moving along a potential purchase.

Product photography types

Action Shots
This is exactly like what you would expect; shots of products in movement as in their intended purpose or placed within an action scene to create more depth and dimension to the subject itself.

Product Grouping
This type of photography is just what you would think – a grouping of products. These could be similar types of products to give the consumer a variety of options, or for products that could be purchased as a set.

Simple Studio Product Shots
Everything is so visual now with online images and advertisements constantly trying to get our attention. To create a quality, competitive ad-worthy shots, you must be creative, have a thorough knowledge of lighting, and be able to work effectively and quickly to process shots across a variety of categories. This is especially vital for online retail marketing.

Non-Traditional Product Shots
These are not typical for product shoots; if there are products in the shot, it is not the product that is the focus, but its presence that conveys an idea or a particular purpose for the advertisement.

Large Product Shots
Larger products can be challenging. For these sessions, photographers will typically make the trip to the site of the product’s location.

Hanging Products
To give a different perspective, hanging a product to take on a rare angle may be just the selling point you need.

Studio Setups
Studio setups allow for a controlled environment with staging using light and props that you can manipulate. You won’t have to worry about natural elements affecting your session.