Portrait Photography: Must Have Props

Family Portrait Photography

When you work in portrait photography, the right props can make or break the feeling that you are striving for. Many established photographers have a plethora of the settings and displays for every occasion. Depending upon what style of portrait you and the client are striving for. If you are more of a traveling photographer without a brick and mortar, you would likely collect items that are smaller or collapsible, easy to store and travel with. Every photographer should be able to build their collection without breaking the bank. After all, the props just have to look realistic for the shoot.

When planning for your next appointment, or future sessions, think about your specialty and list out a selection of items that could help construct the desired feeling and flow. Whether it’s a family, individual focus, milestone, event, or celebration session – the right props can really set the stage for a successful photo shoot. Here are some very necessary items to keep in mind.

Furniture is a great way to create depth and break up groups of people, things, animals, etc. It’s also great for staging products that you may be focusing on. The furniture along with décor can also express a style or emotion during your photo shoot.

Holidays are a huge opportunity for photographers to ramp up their business. It is the probably the busiest time of year, aside from wedding season which can vary. Using the holiday colors, décor, can make the warmest, spookiest, or classic photo for your Christmas card, graduation announcement, or fun group Halloween photo.

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Family Portrait Photography

Backdrop, colors
Your client may request a background or pops of a specific color to create a flow and connectedness. You should organize props by frequently used.

Numbers, Letters
When you are working with families or just children, letters and numbers are typically a request. Whether a milestone, announcement, or something else, text elements can help make a portrait shoot memorable.

Client specific props
If your client has specific taste, style, or theme they are going for, they may have props of their own. This can be very beneficial and they should be accessible when you are on site for your session.

Use what’s already there
I mean it seems common sense, but it needs to be said – wherever your photo shoot is, if it’s in the natural setting of your subject you should be thinking about how you can incorporate these things more intentionally.

If you are a photographer, you will collect props over the years. It’s important to consider how much use you will get out of them and the amount you invest in them. There are yard sales, flea markets, online consignment, and many more resources available. Take the time to find the right props to suit any photography shoot and build your client base on the right foundation.