The Art and Science of Commercial Photography: Capturing your Brand

Commercial photography plays a crucial role in shaping and communicating your business’ brand to your customers and potential customers. Professional photographs help you promote your products and services and introduce your staff to your consumers.

A successful commercial photographer will start by working with you to get an understanding of your brand and your target audience as well as what you are trying to communicate to your potential customers. Collaboration between a business and photographer is key in commercial photography. It is important that you share your vision and the objectives you are trying to achieve with the photo shoot. It is important that you are on the same page, otherwise they will not be able to translate your ideas into visual concepts that is essential for delivering impactful imagery.

The first step your photographer will take is brainstorming ideas with you, they want to get an understanding of your products or services so they can start planning the overall look and feel of the photo shoot. They need to consider factors such as lighting, props, potential models, products, locations, and styling that will best represent your brand.

Lighting plays a big factor in a successful photo shoot. If you are in a production facility, they need to be able to capture the essence of your machinery, process or whatever it is they are capturing. If you are selling a product, they need to make sure that the reflections are minimal, that they position the product just right to capture the needed image to make sure your product looks professional and inviting. Displaying subpar product images can affect sales, if it doesn’t look appealing, people are less likely to buy your product. Proper lighting will enhance the visual impact and overall quality of your images.

Your photographer will arrange and rearrange the items being shot many times, the arrangement of elements within the frame must be visually appealing and create a balanced final image. Factors such as color schemes, textures, and props can complement your brand’s aesthetics and enhance your overall storytelling.

After the photo shoot, your photographer will edit your images. They are looking at each photo to enhance colors, adjust exposure, and refine the final look, their imagery and how the final product looks are extremely important to them, it represents their brand, and they want to ensure that your brand is properly portrayed.

By hiring a professional Commercial photographer, you will ensure that you are effectively communicating your brand to your potential customer. Professional imagery enhances your website and any marketing material you use and ensures that your potential customers understand the essence of your business and it will leave a lasting impression with them.