Tips for Professional Headshots

For headshots, it’s not about muted background colors with a black suit or dress; it’s about personality and infusing life into your look. There is no magic equation, it’s about your look, your feel, and the level of professionalism or simplicity you’re going for. Check out some professional head shot tips that can give you a guide to a fabulous head shot.

A Natural Pose

I’m sure you have seen various headshots over the years, many with an over emphasis in specific poses and positions. But a more natural approach is inviting to the viewer; headshots taken mid meeting, during a networking event, speaking to crowds, or just a casual interaction depending on what angle you’re going for.

Fit The Industry

What you’re wearing should fit the industry and workplace culture that you reside in especially if it is stringent with a specific professional look. If your business or CEOs brand is more flexible, then you can reconsider the look and the outfit.

Casual and Simple

Casual and simple has become more popular and accepted especially since COVID-19 disrupted the workplace lifestyle. As mentioned before, there are certain job sectors where required professional attire is still status quo. However, a vast majority have bent their own rules to accommodate the workers’ preferences.

Self Expression

When workers went remote, a range of personalization and self-expression was revealed. Since we had limitations to communicate and connect, modeling your image to reflect your unique style with clothing, accessories, makeup, hair styles, and more. Just make sure you still look like you!

Take Your Headshot to A New Place

Unless you have a required corporate format for backgrounds in headshots, you could consider an on site shot or take it outdoors. You can build your own brand with varying backgrounds that show a different or personal side that you want to convey and help people connect to.

Contrast To Stand Out

Add some contrast to your headshot with the use of color. Colors in the foreground and background should play off each other so you can stand out. Depending on your clothing choice, make that background color give a nice pop to your headshot.