Who is Lauri?

The camera lens is an artistic medium for Lauri Bridgeforth, whose talent and sense of humor combines with skill and experience for every client of Bridgeforth Photographics. In addition to commercial assignments, Lauri has completed photographic studies now hanging in local and regional collections, residential and commercial spaces, and has contributed photography to local and national publications. Professional artists, however, can’t just turn off their creativity when they go home for the day. Creativity is everywhere, and Lauri is no exception. She has traveled extensively with her family and truly lives the concept of making the ordinary appear extraordinary. This gallery illustrates some of Lauri’s personal work created for the sheer joy of creating –see more by following #whatlaurisees on Instagram.

Lauri Selfie

Lauri distinguishes herself from other photographers by being able to tell a story of love, happiness, excitement, and many more emotions through the single click of her camera. Every picture photographed by Lauri, at your favorite location in Winchester, or your favorite place in the Shenandoah Valley, will tell the story of your special occasion. Lauri will make you feel at ease during your photo session, she feels that you need to leave your stresses behind and have fun during your photo session. Your happiness will shine through in your photos.

Lauri’s hope from your time together is to document your real-life, capturing the everyday beauty surrounding you and your loved ones. These moments are your keepsakes, meant to passed on from generation to generation. She strives to keep images natural and real, like life and not looking overly posed. She wants to document your life as it happens, the way you will want to remember it. However, if you are looking to have a little fun and step outside the box and try something a little different, Lauri is your go-to for that as well. Lauri has helped families transform into the characters from Star Wars, characters from the Cat in the Hat, and any others you can imagine. Call Lauri today and set a time to visit her Winchester studio to see her portfolio of work.