Why Professional Photography Matters

Professional Photography Virginia

You are the best at what you do, right? You provide the best products and/or the best services, correct? You know it. Your parents know it. Your BFFs know it. But how do you educate the public about it? How do you attract new customers to show how you can help them? Where do you start when telling your company’s story?

It has been said “a picture is worth a thousand words.”. I don’t know who originally coined that phrase, but that person was brilliant. Our human brains can process imagery thousands upon thousands of times faster than words. Therefore, it makes sense to use imagery to educate potential clients—particularly within your website and on all your social media platforms.

In these days of working from home and reduced contact with the outside world, your potential clients are absolutely going to sniff you out online first. Translation: your company’s online presence needs to be highly professional, easy to navigate, and creatively engaging to attract fans and followers. Your fans and followers today can become your customers and clients tomorrow. But how do we do that?


Here is where I, as a professional photographer can help you. I see the world differently. With an eye for detail and expertise in Photoshop and retouching, I can make your company and its employees look their very best. From evolving a dark musty corner of your manufacturing area into a colorful dynamic image that can hang on your conference room wall, I can create imagery to help you with that, AND make your website look great! (Oh, and I’ll take out all the clutter in the background too.)  Your vision of what’s needed and my vision of how to do it, put to work for your business to help you look your most professional to your clients and tell your company’s story. You can’t always take your clients through your workspace, but you can take the workspace to them with professional photography. I can photograph your employees, your processes, your products, your finished projects, and whatever else you come up with to document.

“I have an employee that can take pictures for us.” Really? Was professional photography on that person’s resume when you hired them? Probably not. There is an opportunity cost asking an untrained employee to take snapshots of your business. What tasks are NOT getting done by that person while putzing with cameras and settings or pushing buttons on phones? Images by non-professionals yield non-professional results, and your business image will suffer accordingly. Hire a professional photographer who can get it right the first time. (Trust me, that employee most likely doesn’t want that responsibility for the company’s image anyway.)


Congratulations—you’re a professional and truly the best at what you do. Now hire a professional photographer to create amazing imagery for you, so your company’s image will reflect it.