Architecture Photography

Significant structures tell an architectural story. Their construction may evoke history, or philosophy, or even streamlined functionality. Each should be photographed looking its best, at the time of day right for its location, direction, function and form. Architects, developers, builders, and other construction clients benefit from services that demonstrate their best work. In an industry based on large scale planning and significant investment, it is vital for your business to have a portfolio that highlights fine work, updated frequently.

Not everyone can truly capture it in a photograph and portray the essence of beauty in the building.  Lauri of Bridgeforth Photographics specializes in architecture photography.  Lighting is a crucial part of architectural photography.  It takes years of training and understanding angles, lighting, and shadows to capture a building perfectly; making its surface details stand out and giving the building a more three-dimensional look.

Even the most boring architecture can come alive at night – in fact many modern buildings and city centers are designed specifically with night time in mind. If you photograph a building from too close it can leave the walls looking distorted, as if the whole building is bulging outwards. Although this can be an interesting effect in itself, we usually want to reduce it so that it doesn’t become distracting. Most architecture is covered with small-scale details which make fascinating photos in their own right, from ornate windows to patterns of rivets to decorative cornices.

As an architecture photographer, Lauri knows how to look at a building and see all of this and make it stand out in photographs.  If you are looking to show off your building on your website or printed materials, it is imperative to have it shot professionally.  Otherwise, you risk not having the end result look the way it should: beautiful and pristine.