Professional Headshots

What is Headshot Photography?

A headshot is a photograph of a person’s head and shoulders, with an emphasis on the person’s face. Some headshots – called three-quarter shots – include as much as ¾ of the person’s body. Actors and models most frequently need headshots. However, other professionals from star athletes to business owners need a photograph designed to market their personality. Sometimes headshots appear on business cards or are included with a professional resume.

Headshot photo sessions usually are held in the photographer’s studio, but can also be at a location of the client’s choice. For example, business headshots might be shot at a corporate meeting or conference. It is important to define your need and the specific use for the headshot to make sure the portrait meets your requirements. Modeling, acting, and professional headshots all have different looks.

Until recently, black and white glossy prints were the standard for models and actors, but headshots are now often in color. Printed modeling headshots are typically 9”x12” and acting headshots 8”x10”. The photographer must also consider the venue where the headshot is to appear – a Facebook and LinkedIn headshot both have very specific appearances.

To be successful, a headshot has two goals: provide an accurate representation of what a you really look like, and create a relationship between the you and the person who is seeing your photograph by portraying your personality and character. For these goals to be met, remember to ask questions, making sure the photographer understands your needs, verify their professionalism, and communicate the planned use of your headshot.

Corporate Headshots

A headshot, sometimes spelled head shot, is a specific type of photograph that realistically demonstrates a person’s appearance for branding or casting. In the commercial climate of extreme competition, having a unique and creative headshot is essential. The client is looking for a trustworthy, approachable and professional individual. Your photograph will give an immediate impression of you. In addition, “lifestyle” shots that creatively document you in the workplace are highly effective as well. 

In business, an image can be the difference between making the sale and missing the opportunity. High-quality, professional business photos capture the attention of your clients by adding instant personality to marketing materials, public relations efforts, social media and more.

Business Headshots

Acting Headshots

Terrific acting headshots must have three qualities: they should accurately show what you look like on a great day, they should capture a unique and interesting aspect of your personality, and they should be engaging, creative, and original photographs. Without all of these characteristics, a headshot is ineffective.

My session is split between my natural light studio and various outdoor locations. Natural light is a very honest, beautiful light. You will look like a real person – this is extremely important to agents and casting directors. They usually request natural light photographs because they’re tired of meeting actors who don’t look anything like their headshots. And when used properly, it is the most flattering light as well, so you will look your best. After all, there’s no reason a headshot can’t be a beautiful portrait.