Drone and Aerial Photography

Bridgeforth Photographics is a professional aerial photography and videography firm based in downtown historic Winchester, VA. Registered and licensed with the FAA, we are able to fly our Drone to get images for your event or business. Our firm is fully insured for drone operation and work, meaning the best protection for our clients from liability.

The days of the high cost and inefficient aerial photography are over. Drone based technology is capable of achieving altitudes (within FAA guidelines), and camera angles never doable before.

Bridgeforth Photographics, in Winchester, VA specializes in low-cost aerial photography and videography for real estate, construction, weddings, agriculture, special events and much more. If there is an angle from the air that needs to be shared, we are there to capture it.

With a background in professional editing we are able to provide complimentary color correction and full stabilization as part of all of our packages.

Drone Services for Specialty Real Estate

Drone photography and videography are one of the latest promotional trends in high-end real estate.  Aerial views offer a new perspective that piques the interest of potential renters, home buyers or office tenants.  Now, clients have the opportunity to not only see the exterior of a building, but also interior views from the outside. Our drone photography services can capture breathtaking shots of the acreage of your site or venue. 

Drone Services for Events

Hiring a Drone Photographer for all your events in the Winchester, VA and the Shenandoah Valley Region just got easier.  Events are about celebrating and bringing people together.  Capturing the moments through photography holds them in memories. While photography provides a point-of-view image, drone photography can provide a bird’s eye view in a way that’s truly extraordinary.

Aerial View Facade

Want to get a group photo without selfie sticks? Drone photography allows you to be able to make sure everyone is clearly visible and captured. Aerial photography can provide this, along with so many options.

Drone Services for Construction

Leaders in the construction industry are finding that our drone services play a vital role in their work. Used for surveying, monitoring job-sites to ensure safety and security, aerial overviews of completed projects for client presentation and approval, as well as the inspection of bridges and other difficult structures.
Site surveillance: Monitoring large construction sites can often be challenging. Safety issues, security and progress can all be observed in real-time with drone services.
Mapping & Surveying: We can collect site information faster, and more safely than ever before. Engineers now have accurate, real-time data when decisions or modifications need to be made.
Asset inspection:  Difficult and dangerous inspections (bridges, roofs, high-rise exteriors, etc) can now be conducted on the ground.