Commercialize Your Business with Commercial Photography

How do people view your business? The influence of visuals on our perception is immense. We often use them as baselines for how we perceive certain things. This principle also applies to businesses, such as an apple representing an electronics company or a swoosh representing an athletics brand. However, not just logos influence our perception of a company; pictures also play a role. If you’ve ever researched any service or product, you want photos of that service or product to get an idea of what you’re paying for. Pictures provide a gateway into your business for consumers. Ensuring those pictures represent your business in the best possible way is crucial. Don’t underestimate the power of commercial photography in enhancing your business visuals and attracting more customers.

What is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography is a genre that allows businesses to sell or promote a product or service while creating a brand identity. The focus is not solely on capturing images but on crafting a visual narrative that connects with viewers. Commercial photography can be used for advertisements, merchandising, company sites, and social media profiles, playing a pivotal role in branding and marketing strategies.

Branding Your Company

Commercial photography helps establish a consistent brand for your company. The types of photos, where they are taken, and who is in them all contribute to a brand that customers will recognize and attribute feelings, meaning, or company recognition to. It will help professionals define your company’s identity while aligning it with your target market. You can refine your company’s identity through commercial photography using specific color palettes, recognizable visual assets, and consistent and distinguishable tones.

Types of Commercial Photography

Commercial photography can be used in various ways to achieve vastly different results and goals. So, we’ve listed some types of commercial photography your business can utilize.

  • Advertising Photography: This type is primarily used for brochures, postcards, billboards, or any ad a potential customer might see. It is ideal for generating brand awareness and identity.
  • Product Photography: Highlighting a specific product or service, such as something on sale or a newly released product or service. They primarily promote sales.
  • Event Photography: If you are having a corporate event or want to showcase company culture, this is an excellent method to capture those moments! It can also show customers using your company’s product or service in real time and receiving the benefits of those products or services.
  • Architectural Photography: Use this technique to highlight your company’s location and design or the inner workings of your building or industrial plant.

The Process

  1. Consultation about your vision. What is your business explicitly trying to capture? A product, service, or location?
  2. Where do you want the photo shoot to take place? On-site, in a studio, or somewhere else?
  3. Scheduling a time
  4. Artistic direction. We will help direct and plan how the photos are taken and what and who is in them. You and your business can be as involved in the artistic direction as you like.
  5. Taking the photos
  6. Editing the photos
  7. Sending your business the final results!

Collaboration is critical throughout the process, as we want to represent your company best. Do not hesitate to request changes or ideas at any point because if you aren’t satisfied with the results, neither are we!

Commercialize Your Business Today!

Bridgeforth Photographics offers expert commercial photography to help you commercialize your business. We have worked with various clients, from industrial factories to your local mom-and-pop shop. Lauri, our commercial photography specialist, can also have drone footage taken of your facility or location to get the whole picture of your business. You can also check out our gallery of previous commercial photoshoots on our website. Contact us today about how Bridgeforth Photographics can commercialize your business with best-in-class commercial photography.