Take Those Magical Winter Pictures!

Winter Snow Photography Tips

Winter is just another season, but there is something about when the snow blankets the ground. The whole world seems at peace, at ease, and silenced for once in the longest time. So, it makes sense that so many people enjoy taking those simple pictures of their backyard view, a child sledding, a snow laden mountain top, a magical ice river, or just a simple snow fall backdrop.

There are some ways you can be inspired to go out and make the most noteworthy photographs.

Be Creative

Sure, it’s nice to get those shots of the kids in their snow gear, but think outside of the box and let creativity flow. Pictures during play, when the subjects are natural and almost unaware of the photographer usually are more appealing.

Zoom In, Zoom Out

You can go in close and capture a lot of detail – crystals of the snow, iced veins of a dying leaf, and the simplest details. Just as you can zoom in, you can also zoom out and capture more of the environment and an overall setting.

Tilt-Shift Lens is the Way to Go

A tilt-shift lens is a perspective-control lens that is specialized with an ability to temperately rotate the image focal plane with a pitch, as well as skew the image perception. This different perspective can add depth to a snowy expression.

Use the Light

Sure, it’s lovely to take pictures while the snow is falling; but when the snow has mounted and the sun peaks out, you can take advantage of the light playing on the snow crystals on the trees that will make your photos sparkle.

Stay Safe and Warm

This is most important – no shot is worth your safety, so keep these things in mind before you venture out into the cold.

  • Keep inside under 25 degrees.
  • Make sure your camera settings are preset before you brave the winter.
  • Bitter wind chill, better wait!
  • If kids are involved, wear less layers than they are! This is so that when you, the adult, start to get cold, it’s probably best to head indoors.
  • Dress in layers – easy to remove, easy to add on.