Virtual Business

One of my favorite books to read to my kids when they were little was The Berenstain Bears “Inside Outside Upside Down”, by Stan and Jan Berenstain. Who knew how prophetic that book would be during a worldwide pandemic? It seems that everybody’s world is “Outside…Inside a Box… (and) Upside Down”, right?

Sooooo…how do we run our businesses when everybody’s lives read like a children’s book? Business communication has become mostly virtual, virtually overnight. Now more than ever, potential clients are sniffing out your website first before reaching out. First impressions are everything these days, so you need to be ready with outstanding photography. And no… your camera phone snaps of your products and services are NOT going to cut it.

I can help you with that. My photography studio in Winchester, VA has large double doors, to accommodate products of just about any size, to produce whatever product photography your company needs to keep you in front of your customers online.

Let’s start with a virtual meeting via Zoom. Show me what you have and share what’s important for your customers to know. What features do your products have that make them stand out from their competition? Let’s do some detail shots of how they work, because you can tell folks a bazillion times, or you can show them once.

Once I know what you need, I give a cost estimate, including retouching so that everything looks great. You ship me your products, or if you’re close by, I’ll come pick them up.

You can even oversee your photo shoot with video technology. Image upload, product return, invoicing and payment can involve as little contact as you need to keep yourself safe.

Our lives may be upside down now, but business goes on, so we learn to adapt. Let me help you keep your business moving forward, because great product shots lead to great sales. And business cash flow means we’re all “Right Side Up”.