How to Deal with Stress or Nervousness at a Photoshoot

Many people admire and respect photography, but a lot can change when the camera lens is barreling between your eyes. People cope with stress in their own unique way. Here, we are trying to educate and help integrate ways to deal with stress. More specifically, during a photoshoot with the professionals here at Bridgeforth Photography. You are not the only person who gets anxious about photoshoots, so it is not something to be ashamed of. We will explain why you might be stressing about a commercial photoshoot and how to implement specific methods to feel more comfortable before or during a photoshoot. If being stressed prevents you from booking a professional photoshoot, Bridgeforth Photography wants to help you understand what you can do to change your mind and book that photoshoot to elevate your business profile.

Why You Might be Stressing During a Photoshoot

Anxiety or stress can settle in when attending something you have never participated in before, which, for many people, can be applicable to professional photoshoots. Arriving at a photo set can create a sense of uncertainty. For example, when you go in for a job interview, many people get nervous because it is a new setting, with people you have never met before, and there is pressure to answer questions in a certain way to impress the interviewer. The same can be said with professional photoshoots.

How to Deal with Anxiety or Stress Before or During the Photoshoot.

Whether getting a business headshot, family portrait, or commercial product photography, the setup can catch you off guard. If you are nervous before a photoshoot, it could affect the outcome of the image. That being said, there are ways to help deal with anxiety or stress before or during a photoshoot.

Visit the Location, Study the Setting

By visiting the location and becoming aware of the surrounding area, you can be more comfortable because you will recognize the photoshoot setting. It will also help your brain acclimate to your surroundings and take time to adjust, which can make some people calmer.

Follow a Routine

Everybody has a specific routine that can make them feel relaxed and calm. If techniques like having a snack before a shoot, incorporating breathing techniques, or going on a run a couple of hours before a shoot can help, then make time to incorporate that for the photoshoot. Breaking a sweat or having a snack during a photoshoot is an unexpected challenge, but you can ask the photographer for a minute or two and use some breathing techniques. There are endless videos on YouTube about breathing techniques that can be applied to situations with minimal time. Another thing to remember before or during a photoshoot is to be yourself! Try to have fun by making a couple of goofy poses and kooky faces if the time and setting allow for it. By being your genuine self, you will become more relaxed, and people will get to see you for your best qualities.

Be Honest

There are many ways that people deal with stress and anxiety. This is why the two previous points are suggestions to anyone who realizes they get nervous during certain situations, specifically a professional photoshoot. However, being honest with your photographer can be beneficial in almost every professional photoshoot. If they are genuine and trustworthy, they will understand where you are coming from and try their best to ensure you are comfortable and get the best out of you.

Professional & Compassionate Service from Bridgeforth Photography

Dealing with emotions is all part of being human, and photography is a way of expressing your feelings. There is nothing wrong with being nervous when considering booking a portrait photoshoot or arriving at a set for a commercial photoshoot. If you think getting a professional photoshoot done will further help your career or create a special bond between you and your loved ones during a family portrait, Bridgeforth Photography is here to ensure you are comfortable and prepared for the photoshoot!