Perceptions About Professional Photography

How Much Is Too Much?

How do you want your business to be perceived by potential new clients?

What do you plan on spending to make your business image look its very best?

Think about it—in a perfect world, what would be the FIRST thought you want potential clients to have about YOUR business based on your website and marketing materials? AND: does your website and marketing materials, reflect that thought?

An investment in professional photography is priceless to your business image—high quality professional imagery can be used for the life of the product or service. For a $500.00 shoot, let’s say those images live on your website, making you money, for a year and a half or perhaps longer. Less than a dollar a day. You won’t get that kind of value anywhere else.

Too Expensive

How do you know? Have you asked?

A good shooter with almost 30 years of professional experience who can think on her feet and has encountered almost every lighting situation there is can get your job done much faster and more efficiently than your employee that has a camera.

Is professional photography in that employee’s job description? What’s NOT getting done by that employee that they’re supposed to be doing while they’re putzing with a camera or a smartphone? Will that person have to re-do the pictures? Are you paying that person to do the same thing twice that they weren’t qualified to do the first time? For what it’s really costing you—you can hire me instead.

Will those image files be retouched by someone that really knows what they’re doing? How long will that take and will you like the results?

You want YOUR clients to hire YOU as a professional right?? Let me help you look the part.

Do You Use A Professional Marketing Agency?

To improve your business image right??

When you think of McDonald’s, what’s the first picture that comes up in your head? Or Chevrolet? Or Dell Computers? Pretty sure if McDonald’s employees took all the pictures for their commercials, we’d all be eating peanut butter and jelly.

If a business works with marketing professionals, they need professional imagery to enhance a professional image.

Are you paying that agency extra to fix amateur imaging mistakes? Why not just hire a professional photographer that knows what she’s doing, will make you look great, AND stands behind her work?

People remember 2 things: what’s really REALLY awesome, and what’s really horrifically BAD. How do YOU want to be remembered, because “you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.”

I Can’t Take A Good Picture…OR… I HATE Having My Picture Taken…

Soooooo…. People compensate for that by taking a cell-phone selfie and posting it on a business website? People that do that look ridiculous and the sad part is they deserve better. Esteem is being, and confidence is doing, but a good professional head shot shows the world you’re worth it, and YOUR clients will believe in YOU accordingly.

That’s why you need me…I know how to make you look YOUR best, and retouch your portraits so that you still look like YOU, only better!

Professional Photography Photoshoot