Photo Restoration

Since we’re all at home working differently, we can delve into projects that would normally wait “until we have time.” This gift of time is a great opportunity to go through old pictures and share with family members. Have you found any that are cracked or scratched? Ink stains from past family writing on them? Molded or water damaged? I can help!

Photo Restoration

A thought on water damage: if your treasures are in old frames that are stuck to the glass, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to separate them. You will further damage the image. Even glass that’s broken, bring it to me, glass and all. I can scan it through the glass before repairing the digital copy.

This gentleman couldn’t recreate this photo from an amazing place. When the frame fell off the wall, he brought it to me. I gave him a cost and he was very pleased with the results – in fact he was ecstatic because he thought his once-in-a-lifetime image was gone forever.

I’ve always met with clients individually, by appointment, long before the Coronavirus Pandemic. I handle family treasures with care, and they never leave my studio until you return to pick them up. Each image is carefully evaluated so I can determine how to go about the restoration as well as the cost. Clients can then decide how to proceed.

While I love commercial, portrait, and drone work, it is hands-down the Photo Restoration jobs that come in with the best stories. I’ve shared laughs, wonder, love and tears with many a client over their family treasures. I handle each one like it’s my own.