How to Introduce Children to Photography

Introducing Kids to Photography

The innocence and open mindedness of a child gives a perspective only they can capture. The lens with which they view the world is unlike any other, and with patience and basic education, children can create images for the world to enjoy.

Keep it simple, silly!
Us adults can handle more complex subjects, but kids need it to be broken down into pieces, or simplified so that they can grasp each concept. As they understand the first step, then you can build upon the foundation from there.

Basic building blocks
Many subjects in photography could potentially be taught in tandem, but for children this can complicate things. Breaking up each concept will help them comprehend each individually and then you can show how they work within

Practice, practice, practice
Kids are constantly on the move, ready for the next, so don’t expect to hold their attention for very long. Don’t expect them to hold on too much of the knowledge you try to share either. Giving them the time and the freedom to explore working with the camera is the best gift you can give, for it’s the only way that they will truly learn.

Repetition is key
Just like with everything that you try to teach your children, it will have to be repeated. Over and over, it is absolutely necessary to be a broken record.

Be encouraging
It’s easy to point out flaws in the way our kids take pictures when they are still learning and understanding life; holding a camera properly is not high on the priority list.  Help them develop by helping them identify where they can improve and how. See if they can spot opportunities in their photos.

Create a contest or assignment to open the door to creativity
If the kids are getting stuck on what to shoot or you find them focusing only on one subject, you could come up with a contest to get the creative juices flowing. A few ideas include: most colorful, best nature shot, up close and personal, subjects on the move, transportation shots – planes, trains, or automobiles, our favorite people, the season or holiday, the list goes on!