You Oughta Be In Pictures…


A song recorded in 1934 by Rudy Vallee still holds true today. Let’s face it though—we grow older, body shapes change, and we just don’t always want to be IN the pictures.

While I do a lot of Commercial Photography and Portrait Photography for others, I’ve always driven my family just a little crazy taking pictures of them. They’re patient with me for the most part, but I get the occasional eye roll from my kids when they’ve had enough, and I politely back off.

My dad passed away this past August. He taught me to handle a camera when I was 9 years old, and I got my Girl Scout camera badge soon after. Who knew that it would lead to a career right? I see and sense my dad in a lot of places these days. Usually in reflections and cloud formations while I’m looking for the next composition and image for my #whatlaurisees series to post on social media.

There were lots of pictures when I was growing up. I was an only child in a lot of activities in school—my dad always showed up with a camera in hand. He documented just about every band concert, softball game, marching band performance and school dance. So of course I followed suit with our 3 kids. I think now they appreciate all the great shots of their sports and their friends. Most days.

Now that my dad is gone though, it’s the pictures that live on. I always tried to get shots of our parents with our kids when they attended their grandkids’ sports events. Because I knew There Would Come A Day. That day is now here. We will all live on someday in someone else’s pictures. So be in them. We don’t have to look perfect with every hair in place. Just be a part of the day and document accordingly. Just be yourself, as you are.

Yes, “You Oughta Be in Pictures”. Because someday, someone else will embrace that memory and smile accordingly.

Dad with a camera