How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

Studio product photography

If you are just starting your photography career, you may be concerned about setting up for your first photo shoot. You may be thinking all you need is skill and your camera, but there is much more preparation than you would think. A few suggestions on how to get yourself, your client, and your location ready for the big day!

A Week Before the Shoot
  • Scout out the location on your own and make sure it’s during the same time of day that you will be having the shoot. If you are familiar with the area and all of the spots that have that perfect lighting, you will be more confident and efficient in capturing breathtaking moments, candidly.
  • Take time to consider what kind of style you will use in a particular session. It matters whether you are shooting a wedding, fashion shoot, commercial photography, a private family shoot, and much more.
  • Check all of your supplies and equipment in case you need new batteries. It’s always good to have some backups, but it would be smart to take some practice shots for peace of mind.
  • Double check with your client to confirm the date of your meeting and give them a chance to ask questions or offer their preferences for the shoot.
A Day Before the Shoot
  • Decide what equipment depending on the venue and if it’s inside or outside. Have a checklist, clean whatever you’re bringing, and pack up!
  • Check your camera settings, start at the default settings and then work your adjustments depending on the shot.
  • Make sure you have given yourself more than adequate time to get to the location, in case of traffic. Also, take into consideration how familiar you are with the area or if there is limited parking,
  • Think about your process ahead of time; visualize the shots that you want to take and remember what is important to each client. They should feel like their experience with you as a photographer, is you capturing something unique about them.