What is Commercial Photography?

Product photography how-to

Commercial Photography involves taking photos for advertising, merchandising, and for communicating news, products, ideas in a corporate or small business setting. This type of photography is focused on enhancing the products or services to draw in the consumers for that particular industry. It can be a very profitable market for professional commercial photographers with variance in photographic needs – for an alternative or traditional approach, the field is wide open.

Business Promotion

It is exactly that, promoting the business through photos. This can include promoting the business in their type of service or even work environment for hiring purposes. This is usually done as an in-studio session or closed environment. Your business may want to market their image using shots of the actual building or location, as if the business itself is the product.

Food Photography

Food photography can be used in restaurant menus, culinary magazines, websites, or other advertisements for dining. These platforms may focus on the mood of the establishment, the service, the location, or just the fine cuisine. It is best to photograph these food shots in the restaurant itself. Portable lighting and staging backgrounds will be brought in by the hired professional photographer.

Product Photography

When marketing your product, you may want shots that focus on the product themselves or maybe quality, design, functions of the product. Maybe you want to focus on the durability of a product, or the sleek design, powerful engine, etc. It’s not just about taking a photo of a cereal box, but what does the cereal provide or invite? Family time? nourishment? quality ingredients? stability? You get the idea.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is the most widely known type of commercial photography, as you see it in magazines, billboards, and catalogues. They focus on anything from the model, the detail of clothing, or a vibe that a particular designer or editor is looking for.