The Perfect Gift: Photo Restoration

In these times, we take photos more often than ever, especially with the digital age upon us and phones that capture and create quality pictures. When photos have aged, been damaged, or not well preserved it can be a great loss. When one receives a gift of a restored photo from the past, it can be a beautiful expression of love. Whether it is for family, dear friends, a veteran, or even your community – giving life back to a moment in time can be the greatest gift of all.


Of course, wedding pictures restored from ages ago would make a magical golden anniversary or Christmas gift for your parents or other family members. They hold a special place in the hearts of those golden couples. With so many years gone by it probably means the world to receive a gift as such, with a new feel and a quality restored copy to remind them of their most precious day.


Veterans Day is one day a year; however, it is never a bad day to give your favorite veteran a gift to remind them of their valor. Perhaps a memorial gift that encompasses a special moment or relationship formed during a veteran’s years of service. It is a special gift to remind a loved one of a special and life-changing time and it will be received with appreciation.


Photo restoration gifts are probably most common with family. There is usually at least one in the family who is severely into the family genealogy and holds the memories and history of the family. It is an obvious gift to give to a family member connected to a memory within the photo, to give life back to those no longer with us.


It is probably not typical to give a gift to your community, but if you are so inclined and dedicated to your community for historical or personal reasons, you may have an opportunity to add a beautiful gift to the locals. If you are a long-time resident with photos from times gone by, you may be able to work with a local historian or visitor center associate in adding restored period photos that capture the community and celebrated times. What a lovely thing to share with others who may remember or are just learning about the town’s history.