Family Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography: Must Have Props

When you work in portrait photography, the right props can make or break the feeling that you are striving for. Many established photographers have a plethora of the settings and displays for every occasion.

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VA Inland Port

The Importance of Composition

The composition of a photo is the construct of what you are trying to present or convey to its viewer. How the pieces of the picture are arranged is almost as important as what you are trying to capture. The angle, the lighting, how the pictures elements are drawn together.

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Portrait Photography Tricks

Tricks of Portrait Photography

If you have experience in photography, the chances are really high that you have taken a handful of portraits. If you are interested in improving your craft, there are many ways you can develop and enhance your portrait success.

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Product photography how-to

What is Commercial Photography?

This type of photography is focused on enhancing the products or services to draw in the consumers for that particular industry and can be a very profitable market for professional commercial photographers.

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Studio product photography

How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

If you are just starting your photography career, you may be concerned about setting up for your first photo shoot. Here are a few suggestions on how to get yourself, your client, and your location ready for the big day!

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